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Name: Linden
DW username: N/A
IM: AIM: deatheatercrouch
Plurk: ThorinII

Other Characters: If you play other characters at Entranceway, please include their names AND usernames here. The mods reserve the right to check activity for other characters played and reject apps if we do not feel that you can or will keep up with another character. (If you do not play any other characters at Entranceway, please mark this section "N/A".)

Character Name:
Timeline: From which point in time in canon are you playing the character?
Canon Resource Link: Please provide a resource link for your character and/or your character's series. Wikipedia, fanshrines, etc, REGARDLESS of how popular or how obscure the series is. Do NOT give us keywords to Google or wiki for ourselves.

Character History: Give us a brief description of their role in their canon; this may include their origins, interactions with other characters, and their role in future events-- if you plan on taking them from an earlier point in their series. While we don't require a novel, we ask that you show an understanding of where the character is coming from. This is especially important for minor characters, where information may be limited. For the purposes of the application, please stick to CANON history, or what has officially been mentioned. (ie. creator interviews, additional material, etc). Also PLEASE do NOT write us a personality section - the personality should come across in the events you choose to focus on.

Abilities/Special Powers: List all the special types of non-normal things your character do. IE: The different powers of the Nobodies from KH, or Hiro Nakamura's ability to teleport and go into time.

Third-Person Sample: Minimum of three paragraphs, introspective piece. We’re judging your grasp on the character and how you log with them;. We would prefer if this was not a simple re-telling of canon events, this way we can see how you handle the character's actions.

First-Person Sample: Show us that you can portray the character’s voice in a network post. Minimum of five sentences.


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